Monday, February 12, 2018

Finished Cock Boy Designs

Line Type Designs
Rooster Cockfields and McCoys White Lightening
This rooster design was created with a variety of markers and weighted and hatched lines.  The suit he is wearing was also washed with alcohol to create the fabric look.  The heavy lines are in the shadows.  He is my favorite of the four designs.

Rooster Cockburn
This next rooster was created with gestural lines with marker on gessoed board.    You can see the scribbled and diagonal lines in the design.  The blue gray areas were Sharpie pens and alcohol.

Lonesome Cock-a-doodle
 This third rooster was created with gestural lines and organic lines.  The color was created with colored Sharpies and washed with alcohol to create the painted look.  Then lines and hatch marks were added with Sharpies and black markers.  

General Custer Rooster
 This fourth rooster design was created with white gelly-roll pin on black gessoed board.  The line type is decorative like zen-tangle lines.  The white washed sky  in the background was created with white ink and water.  The dark was along the edges in a shadow type was created with water washed over the gelly-roll.  I like this design because of the unique effect.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cock Boys

For my ink line drawings I saw an eagle that I really liked in Pinterest and began pinning some interesting birds.  When I saw the roosters, I had the idea that it would  be funny to emphasize their manliness as they were rugged roosters.  I then thought the cowboys could do that.  I then found sites where women were cooing about John Wayne and the cowboys from Lonesome Dove.  The cock boys were conceived.  Here is their beginning, we will see how they develop and how long they take me to do.

Step 1
Step 2

Rust on Wood Object Sculptures

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